Best practices while fishing

Boat guidelines

Thank you for choosing to fish with Andaman Angler! Here is a list of a few things for you to be aware of while fishing with us.

  • Earliest departure form port: 0700hrs
  • Latest arrival to port: 1630hrs
  • We do NOT fish at night
Before departure
  • Please ensure that you have all your equipment, medication and other personal requirements on you. Once we depart port, it is not possible for us to come back to shore and leave again
While Fishing:
  • Adhere to safety procedures and instructions given by the skipper and crew at all times
  • Our crew is familiar with safety techniques and resuscitation; however, we need you to be aware that you are traveling to a remote location. While we have taken every step to ensure your safety, there are still risks involved with being in a remote location, should a medical emergency occur
  • You are responsible for bringing any special medication or medical equipment you may need on board with you. Please make sure that you make our crew aware of any actions that they may need to take to assist you in an emergency
  • Most uninhabited islands are national parks and getting off of them is strictly prohibited
  • All garbage is to be disposed as per boat guidelines. Please ensure no non-biodegradable waste is thrown over board
  • We would prefer it that you abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol while out on the boat
  • We ask that each guest is responsible for the security of his or her belongings. We aim to provide the safest environment possible and we ask that all guests respect the belongings and privacy of others whilst fishing
  • While changing lures or terminal tackle on board, you are requested to stow your belongings back in a secure place so that you do not harm yourself or the others on board
  • While traveling from one fishing location to another, please ensure that you are seated and away from the bow
  • While traveling from one fishing location to another, please ensure that rods are stowed in the provided rod holders and not leaning against the gunnels as you are responsible for the safety of our equipment
  • Recommended clothing:
    • Long sleeves shirts
    • Sun protective head wear.
    • Hats – broad brimmed or otherwise
    • Polarized sunglasses
    • Non slip shoes
    • Gloves
Fish handling and release practices
  • All fish are to be handled in a way that does not damage them
  • No fish is ever to be removed from the water tail first, or held up by its tail, as this is likely to break the fish’s back. All fish should be held up with a hand on the tail and another hand supporting under the belly or the gill plates of the fish.
  • Hands are never to be placed inside the fish’s gills for photographs
  • Barbless single hooks are preferred unless using small lures for light tackle fishing
  • The skipper or the deck hand will land and de-hook fish. We request guests not to attempt doing so
  • Gloves are preferred while handling fish
  • Fish should never come into contact with a dry shirt. If a fish should come into contact with a dry shirt while being held for a picture, the guest’s shirt will be sprayed with salt water to ensure the fish does not lose its protective slime coating
  • All necessary arrangements for pictures must be made before the fish is removed from the water
  • When a fish is taken out of the water, it is not to be out of the water for longer than 20 seconds. There are no exceptions to this. Journalists / presenters on board must also adhere to this rule. Cameras must be made ready in advance if required. Most skippers will have a camera on which photographs will be taken and can assist with this.
  • We actively discourage guests from bringing fish back to take home. We however, don’t mind a table sized fish or two brought back for dinner
  • Packaged bottle water
  • Soft drink – aerated and non aerated
  • Packed lunch
Upon return
  • Ensure all your equipment and tackle is accounted for. Please pack and carry on your person all valuables like mobile phones, watches, cameras, sunglasses etc
  • It is best you carry popping rods back to the hotel yourselves and we will bring back the rest of our tackle
Tackle included in your package:
  • 30lbs Trolling tackle
  • Fighting belt
  • Trolling lures
On completion of the trip
  • Please share your photographs with us, as we compile all photographs taken on the trip onto a DVD and share it with all guests
  • Tips to the staff are not mandatory but at your discretion. You can use the common tip box so tips are shared amongst all employees

When joining our fishing charter, you agree to absolve Angling Enterprises LLP, the brand Andaman Angler and its employees of any liability and legal or otherwisefor any harm that may come to you as a result of this trip. We at Andaman Angler always take it our duty to care for each guest seriously, but it must be accepted that risks still exist. By joining our trips you also formally agree to adhere to all safety procedures and instructions given by the skipper and crew at all times.