Royal Craft

Our first boat – Royal Craft

It is a 38ft mono hull custom built FRP Sport Fishing Vessel designed for fishing in tropical waters. While the boat was being designed and built, care was taken to see that we adhered to the latest safety regulations currently in place. This makes it one of the few boats filled with solid foam in the bulkheads and stringers along the length of the boat, ensuring it will always remain afloat. The 38ft hull is the ideal size for the sea conditions in the Andaman Sea. The large open deck and low gunnels make this boat the ultimate popping and jigging platform. The anti-skid deck ensures one has a firm footing while casting and fighting fish that is of great importance. We also have ensured the boat was ergonomically designed so one isn’t knocking into railings, seats or other obstructions. The boat is powered by new Twin 250 fuel injected 4 stroke Yamaha engines for a safe, quiet and reliable ride. The latest Garmin 10 inch touchscreen GPS/Fishfinder makes navigation very efficient and easy. The factory fitted transducers allow for deep jigging. Our GPS is paired with the VHF for ship-to-shore communication so we are in touch when necessary. The boat also carries SOLAS and MMD approved life jackets for all on board along with ring buoys, a medical first aid kit and fire fighting appliances.