The Andaman Islands through history have been a lost chain of tropical islands covered by lush rainforests and surrounded by some of the best reef eco systems on the planet. Owing to their distant location large-scale exploitation of its marine wealth has always been an almost impossible challenge to the commercial fishing industry. Given the absence of large scale commercial fisheries the Islands have abundant marine wealth. The Andaman Sea teems with fish and has always been a top destination to visit for the keen traveling saltwater angler.

It is this very fact that led to the formation of Andaman Angler in one of the best fisheries in the world. For over a decade we have searched for the largest game-fish that swim these waters. In this time, we gained a wealth of experience and understanding of what brings and keeps fish in our seas. Being situated in the Bay of Bengal, we are governed by the monsoons. The monsoons in turn bring with them wind, rain and fish. Having constantly lived, watched and studied these very patterns and behaviors of seasons, migrations, rain, wind, tide and currents Andaman Angler is result.

Having invested in one of the best sport fishing boats in the Andaman Islands gets us to where the fish are in the fastest and safest manner possible. Our boat is built for fishing in the tropics and is perfectly suited for the techniques we use and the species we catch. Andaman Angler with over 10 years of sport fishing experience in the Andaman Islands also goes a long way in assisting anglers from the time of year to visit, the lure to use and landing them their biggest fish.

On land we use some of the best available properties across the islands and have a wide reach covering numerous untouched fishing grounds. Having hosted hundreds of happy anglers in the past we cater to every need and ensure a holiday of a lifetime.


Founding Partner
Royal Craft – Guide & Skipper

Established in May 2016, possibly makes us the newest Sport Fishing company in the Andaman Islands but doesn’t mean the youngest. In fact it is quite the opposite. We pioneered fishing trips well over a decade ago and have fished with hundreds of happy anglers from across the world. Andaman Angler is an outfit created by anglers for other anglers. Having easy access to one of the richest waters in the world, we have fished for some of the largest game fish on the planet.


Royal Craft – Guide & Skipper

It is the greatest thing to be able to work doing what you love. It is this spirit at Andaman Angler that makes us a great team. At Andaman Angler we have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share expertise and with Anglers from across the world.


Founding Partner

We are a family run fishing charter business that takes great pride in looking after every detail of your trip with us. From fishing at the best locations, using the best boat and equipment along with dedicated staff, we deliver holidays that far exceed expectation horizons.

From fishing in fresh water rivers and streams to the deep blue sea. From 9000ft above sea level to living by the bay. We’ve turned our lives around to be here and make this home. This is not a business venture; it is a way of life.